Free to Run

Earlier this year Steve Dierkens, a music producer, shared the story about a new documentary,  The Secret Marathon, he was editing the music for. I said, "I would love to write a song for a documentary someday."  He said, " how about this one?" and the song "Free to Run" was born. 

The first time I heard about the documentary and the story I got goose bumps.  The courage, the strength and the sacrifice from everyone involved in the project was incredibly inspiring and completely unbelievable to me.  


In all the years that I have been songwriting, only three times has a song felt like it has written itself.  The message from the documentary is so powerful.  While writing the song, I focused on the freedoms I am afforded because I live in Canada.  I imagined if I was denied my right to do something as simple as being able to run, how that would affect my life or even cost me my life.  

Through Steve's production of the song, he captured the emotion and the vulnerability I was feeling when I wrote it.

Steve then shared the song with the creators of the documentary and they said it was a fit.


I feel honored to be part of a project that is so meaningful and life changing.

"Inspired by a story of courage, a filmmaker and her legendary marathon mentor, train and travel in secret to join the brave Afghan women who are standing up for equality and freedom, by running in the Marathon of Afghanistan." The Secret Marathon

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Nancy Laberge

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Nancy Laberge

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Nancy Laberge,


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