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About Nancy Laberge


Straddling the fine line between folk and country music, Nancy Laberge is known for her true-to-life songwriting and engaging, unapologetic delivery. Having firmly established herself as an important new artist in Canadian roots music with the 2017 album When We Were Friends, Laberge has since been recognized by her hometown of Calgary, Alberta with a YYC Awards nomination for Roots Single Of The Year, and also signed a new film and TV licensing contract with Edmonton-based Dept. 9 Music. In 2019 Nancy's song Free To Run was featured for the documentary titled The Secret Marathon, a story about Afghanistanian girls finding the courage to run marathons and the cultural challenges in their country. 

She has been a finalist in the Calgary Folk Festival’s Songwriting Competition, and has co-written with artists such as Sydney Mae and Adam Gregory. In 2004, Laberge also founded the Calgary Songsmiths, a non-profit organization she runs with four other songwriters. Their monthly meetings include an educational portion via a guest speaker from the music industry or a lesson in songwriting techniques. It also hosts songwriting camps and workshops that have featured guest instructors such as Mary Gauthier and Gretchen Peters. Most recently, the group created a digital release for 15 writers from our group, comprised of one free recording session gifted to each writer by Studio D.


Like artists with whom she shares stylistic similarities, like Gauthier and Peters, Laberge maintains that making music is ultimately about baring your soul. That belief stems in part from nearly losing her life at a young age due to a rare illness. Through the support of her local Shriners, she was able to get the necessary surgery performed in Toronto, and since then Laberge has used her music to raise awareness for this important community-based organization.

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